Sacramento Single & Couples Squares

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Sacramento Single Squares is a non-profit singles and couples Square Dance Club serving the community since 1959. We are a non-profit organization conducted for the social enjoyment, entertainment, and betterment of people in Sacramento and the surrounding area.  Dancing activities have shown to be a good health exercise, a fun activity, as well as an all around social enjoyment for meeting friendly folks.

While Sacramento Single Squares has always been known as a square dance club, many of our members and visitors also round dance (choreographed ballroom dancing).  Like square dancing, round dancing is a fun and healthy way to stay active.

We are  lucky to have a wonderful Caller and Cuer working for our club.  They have been with the club for many years.

Dan Drumheller and his lovely wife, Allison, cue for and teach our round dancers with grace and style.  They cue to the floor between tips so everyone has an opportunity to enjoy a round dance. 

Joe Kula is well known in the square dance community and has been calling for Sacramento Single Squares for over 25 years.  He enjoys calling because he likes to see people have FUN!

Why Dance?

Besides being a lot of fun, dancing is very good for you!  

  • Exercise
  • Mental stimulation
  • Social stimulation

What makes square and round dancing so wonderful, is not just the idea of staying healthy and active.  Square and round dancing provide a group of friends that enjoy spending their time laughing, learning, and letting go of the everyday problems we all face.  

When you are on the dance floor, it's close to impossible to think about work, deadlines, meetings, school, or other stresses that are a part of life.

Square & Round Dancing
singles & couples

All-Hands (members/visitors)


6/7/16 @ approximately 8:00 PM

June Round Dance Night is on Tuesday, 6/14/16!


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Sound Clips

Click on the arrow buttons below to enjoy a singing call by Joe Kula and a two-step/foxtrot cued by Dan Drumheller.

Toot Toot Tootsie
Joe Kula
Dan Drumheller